soviet_onionn (soviet_onionn) wrote in left_libertaria,

Technological development under free-markets

I've been wondering recently about the cost effectiveness of technological development. Naturally, we all know the part that the government has played in subsidizing R&D for large corporations, and then allowing them to monopolize it's use via intellectual property laws.

Naturally, government funded R&D tends to push technology in directions that only focus on large producers, and things don’t have to be particularly “high-tech” or new to be effective (Kevin Carson’s writing on organic farming vs. industrial agribusiness comes to mind).

Still, given how much tax money was spent on perfecting electronics, the internet and other articles of high-technology, I don’t see that would be profitable to do it voluntarily under a free market. Without the monopolistic control granted by intellectual property rights, businesses would have even less of an incentive to develop new technologies than they do now.

So, how do you see technological advancement, especially capital intensive R&D, happening in a free-market?
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