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Market Anarchist pamphlets

In further answer to the last post in this community,
William Gillis has brought us the Market Anarchy Series of pamphlets.

(Introducing The Market Anarchy Series)

The state of Market Anarchist propaganda has been pretty dismal. Despite a ton of resources on the internet, there are few books, pamphlets and articles available in the real world. And--aside from a few glossy and expensive volumes published by the Mises Institute--what there is just isn't that pretty or appealing. (Insert standard ironic joke about Market Anarchists being crappy at marketing.) Anyway, to fill that void and maybe make things easier for the Market Anarchist who wants to go tabling or stock their local infoshop I've gone ahead and put together an easy-to-print series of pamphlets/zines on Market Anarchy. As the back of these pamphlets say:

"This Market Anarchy Series was created to republish and showcase historical articles from our tradition that highlight our relation to the revolutionary left and explain Market Anarchist theory in general terms."

The back also showcases three beautiful quotes pulled from Ken Macleod, Kevin Carson and Brad Spangler and there are links to the Agorist Action Alliance as well as the Alliance of the Libertarian Left. I've tried hard not to step on anyone's toes while at the same time assuring the simplest and most aesthetically appealing pamphlets possible. They're all (re)claimed as anti-copyright. So go and spread them far and wide.

I apologize for being so late in announcing these, but I see that folks have already gone ahead and started spreading the word, hopefully this should make it even easier.

Here are the PDFs ready to be printed, folded and stapled. (If you or someone you know has access to a college computer lab or corporate copyroom this is a really great opportunity to use up state-financed toner.)

All Power To The Soviets! 'Capitalistic' Anarchism? Community Watch, Protection Firms and Popular Courts Mutual Aid Fuck Neoliberalism, Fuck Borders

If you want to play with 'em, make new ones or take the initiative and make some completely new and different Market Anarchist pamphlets, by all means. These were made using 100% Open Source (Ubuntu, Scribus and GIMP). If you want the .sla files, details or any images, email me and I'll fire 'em off when I get the chance.

The articles showcased so far are:

#1. Rothbard's Occupation & The Homestead Principle
#2. de Cleyre's The Individual & The Communist
#3. Rothbard's Defense Services on the Free Market
#4. Long's Health Care That Worked -- Until Government "Fixed" It
#5. BAD Press' Free Trade Is Fair Trade

Upon suggestion however all have been given slightly more eye-catching additional titles.

A note, though to those who may not be familiar with Leftist history: "All power to the Soviets!" was a popular rallying cry of peasants and factory workers who were scared that the Bolsheviks would impose centralized authority over their autonomous farms, coops and seized workplaces. Of course in the most quintessentially cynical Russian move Lenin had his Bolshevik goons start using the anti-Bolshevik slogan, thus confusing the workers into supporting State Power when they thought they were supporting local autonomy. On the one hand this is reminiscent of the "zaxlebax" principle, which reminds us that the terminologies and definitions of left and right have shifted so drastically over the years that we should pay attention to the underlying ideas and not stop at false assumptions. On the other, it expresses the overlap of Rothbard's call for the establishment of repossessed producer's coops with the slogan's original meaning.

This is what they might look like when you're out tabling.

Sexy, huh?

Hopefully this'll help raise general aesthetic standards among Market Anarchist circles as well as work to positively augment what's already out there. (Be sure to check out the Libertarian Alliance's archives as well as the old MLL works. Tremblay and co. have been working on an intro pamphlet, if you feel like giving a hand I'm sure they'd be delighted.)

I feel obliged to note, however, as weird as it is, that I don't fully consider myself a "Market Anarchist." That is to say that while I more or less fall under Market Anarchism when it comes to economics, that's hardly a central issue for me. Mine is a Philosophically and Psychologically rooted Anarchism. At the end of the day like many anarchists I feel that Market Anarchism is simply not enough. Its theory doesn't go deep enough and its present tactics are insufficient to effect serious social change.

That said, though their proposed world may not be ideal, it's important to have a slope of workable possibilities. They've got the economics down, or at least they've done incredibly valuable work filling in an expanse of economic analysis that has been missing from Social Anarchism. They're smart, they're stealing and subverting the language of our masters and they're tapped into a huge expanse of anti-authoritarian radicalism in the 1st World that Social Anarchism and the Left have no connection to. That's more than enough reason to back and support their discourse. Far be it from me to wax into dialectics, but synthesis and hybridization still have an important role to play in our movement.

All these were done pretty much as a present. But if you want, as Brad has urged, to fire back some mutual aid, the Jack Pine is a wonderful anarchist community center doing a lot of good in South Minneapolis and they could really use a few bucks. ...Remember, if you follow the Subjective Theory of Value to its logical conclusion gift economies are an integral part of any freed market!
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