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Fat Cats And Bigga Fish/The Political Means

Nowhere has the coercive and parasitic nature of the State been more clearly limned than by the great late nineteenth-century German sociologist, Franz Oppenheimer. Oppenheimer pointed out that there are two and only two mutually exclusive means for man to obtain wealth. One, the method of production and voluntary exchange, the method of the free market, Oppenheimer termed the "economic means"; the other, the method of robbery by the use of violence, he called the "political means." The political means is clearly parasitic, for it requires previous production for the exploiters to confiscate, and it subtracts from instead of adding to the total production in society. Oppenheimer then proceeded to define the State as the "organization of the political means" -- the systematization of the predatory process over a given territorial area.

[Franz Oppenheimer, The State (New York: Vanguard Press, 1926), pp. 24-27 and passim.]

Murray Rothbard, The Libertarian Manifesto 

Manorialism, commonly, is recognized to have been founded by robbery and usurpation; a ruling class established itself by force, and then compelled the peasantry to work for the profit of their lords. But no system of exploitation,including capitalism, has ever been created by the action of a free market. Capitalism was founded on an act of robbery as massive as feudalism. It has been sustained to the present by continual state intervention to protect its system of privilege, without which its survival is unimaginable.

The current structure of capital ownership and organization of production in our so-called "market" economy, reflects coercive state intervention prior to and extraneous to the market. From the outset of the industrial revolution, what is nostalgically called "laissez-faire" was in fact a system of continuing state intervention to subsidize accumulation, guarantee privilege, and maintain work discipline. 

Kevin Carson , The Iron Fist Behind The Invisible Hand -Corporate Capitalism As A State Guaranteed System Of Privilege

Mr. Coke said to Mr. Mayor, "You know we got a process like Ice T's hair.
We put up the fund for your election campaign
And, oh um, waiter can you bring the champagne.
Our real estate firms said opportunities arousing
To make some condos out of low-income housing
Immediately we need some media heat
To say that gangs run the street and then we bring in the police
Harrasing everybody till they look inebriated
When we buy the land mother****** will appreciate it
Dont worry about the Urban League or Jesse Jackson
My man that owns Marlboros
Donated a fat sum"

Fat Cats, Bigga Fish
- The Coup 

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