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i predict a riot (ous denoucniation of the ruling elite. word)

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the press are all f***ing over our trusty metropolitan police's grave predictions
of some kind of anarchist bloodbath at the G20.
where random bankers will be plucked from the suited masses,
and summarily executed to the baying of the crowd.

no. we are not idiots.

if you turn up in riot vans and riot gear and an bad attitude
what do you think will happen?

a matter of state i guess.
in our glorious democracy...

national service!
that's what i give 'em
a bit of discipline.

give a man a piece of land and he'll be grateful,
give a man a gun and a piece of land
and he'll be more than grateful.

so then, this dangerous protest you so dramatically predict.
bankers burning in the street,
death toll = 0
better things the police could be doing = lots
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