fine_clarity (fine_clarity) wrote in left_libertaria,

the web of established powers

I had long known that some oppressive powers facilitate other oppressive powers. Over time, my awareness of these ties grew, until I realized that there is in fact a web of powers. When I diagrammed said web on my computer though, I saw that the web was much larger and complex than I had imagined. I have refined the diagram many times over many days as I have put together the pieces of the web, and I will probably make additional revisions in the future.

This web of powers is not a conspiracy in the sense that every component of the web is concerned with and works with every other component, but rather, each component is usually only concerned with it's immediate neighbors on the web, and sometimes not even that much, but the net effect is the same as if all components were working with eachother.

Here is the diagram. It may be copied and distributed freely.

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